At all our schools, we intend to maintain the highest standards of security and safety. Keeping this in mind, we aim to offer CCTV surveillance on select programmes & an exclusive Smart App, so that you can stay connected to your child during school hours. This App features a child safety tracker, child live view, on demand video conferencing and notification on your child’s activities.

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CCTV SURVEILLANCE on select programmes

An exclusive smart app created especially for parents to stay connected to their children.

The App features:

  • Child Safety tracker
  • Child live view
  • On demand video conferencing
  • Notifications on your child’s activities

Health and wellness

Nutrition : In order to develop healthy eating habits in the child, we are offering food as well as request the parents to pack in nutritious meals while the teachers encourage the students to finish their meals on time. Food is being checked for quality on regular basis.

Hygiene : Our washrooms are especially designed keeping children in mind with all amenities at child level. Children are also taught basic hygiene such as washing hands before and after eating.

Doctors On Board : Sometimes emergencies cannot be ignored, hence we tied up with child specialists for immediate responses.